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Jennifer's skills in drawing, illustration, painting, murals, sculpture, printmaking and a rigorous studio practice ignites her creative workshops. She teaches @ the SF Fine Arts Museums and Contemporary Jewish Museum giving her programs a rich historical base. She founded a Friday Night Drawing Program, 2007-2012 @ the deYoung Museum. Her mural business, Ewing & Germano specializes in architectural subjects. Spirit Boats, her personal art form, includes drawings, prints, paintings, sculptures that offer a chance for transformation and are exhibited widely.

Jennifer Ewing and Leo Germano

Our goal is to have fun sharing our techniques of drawing and art making with others. We are building a creative community who want to use art to find more in the world. Our teaching style is supportive and energetic.

In 1982, working as graphic artists in an engineering firm, we realized how much offices workers need creative breaks and the concept for our business was born. Today, drawing opens the door to innovation and creativity. We are excited to be part of this trend.

Leo finds drawing comes naturally and has a flair for sharing his keen eye for structure. He loves to illustrate humor. His experiences as an industrial arts instructor, illustrator and graphic artist is foundational to his sense of design. His art practice has expanded into Industrial Photography, where he has mastered "Finding Edges". His photos are exhibited locally. Leo co-taught @ the deYoung Museum's Friday Night Drawing Program, is a partner in Ewing & Germano Murals and serves as the CEO of Developing Environments, an artist's community in the SF Mission District.

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